Innovations In MBA Electives

The second session is scheduled to run from 10:30 AM to 12:15 PM.

Emerging IS Topics on Environmental Sustainability: Energy, Carbon, & Waste (10-15 minutes)

I'll provide a brief overview of topics and learning materials useful as an add-on to an existing course or to serve as a foundation for entirely new courses.
Nigel P. Melville, University of Michigan

Gamification and total engagement (10-15 minutes)

I'll briefly talk about a course called "Digital Game Design Techniques for Businesses," which I will be offering in Purdue.
Karthik N. Kannan, Purdue University

Games - "Design Your Own Video Game"

I will discuss how I used the Scratch platform developed by MIT's Media Lab to give NYU Stern's undergraduate business students the tools to design and build their own video games. This took only one class period and helped them (almost 100% non-programmers) understand the software and app economy.
Sonny Tambe, New York University

Digital Marketing: A Simple Online Game to Illustrate First-Price vs Second Price Auctions

I will describe a game from our Web 2.0 course that helps students understand the Google Adwords auction. / Courtesy of Gautam Ray (15 minutes)
Presentation with Helpful Setup Links
Eric C. Larson, University of Minnesota / Univ of Illinois - Urbana/Champaign

Digital Marketing specialization at Stern

I will describe the newly created Digital Marketing specialization at Stern and how its going.
Vasant Dhar, New York University

Edge: the capstone course at Merage

I will briefly describe a course that focuses on how companies must adapt to EXTERNAL (out of the company's control) trends (technology, globalization, demographics, macroeconomics etc.)
Vijay Gurbaxani, University of California Irvine

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